Centaurus Financial Believes Independent Broker Dealers Provide a Superior Model of Service

The attainment of success for any reputable investment firm must always be measured by the success of its clients. Putting clients in a position to succeed with investing is challenging enough without the interference of in-house or proprietary pressures. That is why the independent broker dealer model provides a far superior platform than other models when it comes to partnering with clients to provide comprehensive financial solutions.

At Centaurus Financial, we recognize the strength of the independent brokerage model and are dedicated to the success of our independent brokers. From the beginning, the founders of Centaurus Financial recognized that the independent broker dealer model was inherently superior to other models used by various brokerage firms, such as the wirehouses or stand-alone investment advisors. By providing a truly independent platform, financial advisors that join Centaurus are not enticed to sell any proprietary or in-house products as they are at many other firms. Instead, Centaurus’ representatives can offer a wide spectrum of products from hundreds of different issuers based solely on the specific needs of its clients. As a result of the many advantages gained by giving independent financial guidance, Centaurus registered representatives are able to bolster their business and provide unmatched service to their clients.

In addition, when compared to stand-alone investment advisors that are not affiliated with a broker-dealer, the independent brokerage model provides more comprehensive solutions to investors by offering both brokerage and advisory-based plans. Stand-alone investment advisors will scream foul when they read this because, they will argue, they are held to a “fiduciary” standard, unlike independent brokers who are held to a “suitability” standard. In response, I would argue that the fiduciary standard really provides a remedy to poor practice, not a superior model or platform for client success. In fact, it’s borderline disingenuous for an investment advisor to rely on this distinction to claim a benefit to investors. In reality, there is simply no refuting that a dually licensed broker with advisory capability has access to more solutions than a stand-alone investment advisor who is not affiliated with a broker dealer. Clearly then, Centaurus Financial can easily support its long-held belief that the independent broker dealer model provides a vastly superior platform of service and solutions to the investing public.

Combining this core belief in the superiority of the independent brokerage model with a vision for creating a best-in-class independent broker dealer has propelled Centaurus from its early days into the successful company that thrives today. For the benefit of investors nationwide, Centaurus plans to continue to carry out its vision of spreading independent financial advice to main street investors throughout the country for years to come.

In order to obtain more information relating to Centaurus Financial or to locate a financial advisor in your area that is registered with Centaurus Financial, please contact our home office at (714) 456-1790 or send an email to contactus@cfiemail.com. In addition, as noted above, Centaurus Financial’s official website with more comprehensive information relating to all aspects of the company is located at www.centaurusfinancial.com.

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