Centaurus Financial Partners with Albridge Solutions for Comprehensive Portfolio Management

Centaurus Financial is pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Albridge Solutions to bring you their comprehensive portfolio management system, Albridge Wealth Reporting.

Albridge Wealth Reporting is a portfolio management system integrating portfolio accounting and performance reporting to deliver an accurate, single view of all of your clients’ assets. Albridge can consolidate client account data from hundreds of disparate sources/accounts to include proprietary, banking, brokerage, insurance, retirement, managed accounts, alternatives, and trusts.

Increase Business Efficiency & Productivity
By using Albridge Wealth Reporting, you can increase your productivity and deliver better service to your clients by spending less time managing client data and more time building relationships with them. Some key benefits of Albridge Wealth Reporting include:

• Web‐based application viewable 24/7, anywhere, anytime.
• Greater opportunities for identifying more assets within an existing client base to identify potential weaknesses in an overall portfolio.
• Three rates of return (ROR) calculations enable you to track performance on‐demand: Modified Dietz, internal rate of return (IRR) and daily time weighted return (DTWR). IRR is the default.
• Ability to generate a variety of client reports that cover performance, asset allocation, holdings, transactions, benchmarking, cost basis and more.
• Ease‐of‐use will result in significant time savings. Prepare and distribute monthly, quarterly and annual portfolio performance reports with the click of a button or through batch processing automation.
• Securely share data with over 35 financial software products.
• Improve service to your clients by supporting broader, more holistic financial planning with a complete view of all of their assets.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of this exciting new program! Be sure to sign up and attend one of the Albridge training sessions being held in July and August. If you have any additional questions regarding this announcement, please contact the Centaurus IT Department at (800) 880‐4234.

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