Centaurus Technology Review: Windows 10 Upgrade – Don’t Do It (yet)

By Robert Castaneda, SVP, Chief Information Officer, Centaurus Financial, Inc.

Microsoft’s repair job for Windows 8 has just arrived and it’s called Windows 10. The good news is that if your device (desktop, laptop, all-in-one, tablet) currently runs Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, the upgrade is FREE and you have 1 year to take advantage of this offer. While Windows 10 includes several cool new features including the return of the “start menu”, here’s my advice:

DON’T UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10 (not yet anyway)

I suggest you wait to perform the Windows 10 upgrade for 2 reasons: 1) let the rest of the world find the obvious bugs and let Microsoft have time to resolve them, and 2) many of the technology services you utilize have not had time to “certify” their services on Windows 10 (including NetX360), so let’s wait until they do. This is the simplest and best strategy to follow in order to protect your practice.

When it’s time to upgrade, here are a few high profile features you will like about Windows 10:

  • The “start menu” has returned (thank goodness).
  • The “tiles” are still present but very improved and integrated with the traditional start menu on one screen.
  • Cortana – the “ask me anything” assistant (similar to Siri but available on all devices – not just phones and tablets).
  • New “Edge” browser to replace Internet Explorer (IE will still be available to ensure web site compatibility).
  • Windows 10 is now “windows as a service” (similar to Chrome). Instead of monthly and annual patches, Windows 10 will be continuously updated via quiet, automatic releases.
  • The Windows 8 confusion is gone! Windows 10 is much more like a slick upgrade to Windows 7.

I am really excited about using Windows 10 and perhaps in about 60 days I will make the transition. For now, I am going to sit tight and wait for the dust to settle. I highly suggest you do the same.

About the Author

Robert Castaneda serves as Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Centaurus Financial, Inc. As CIO, Mr. Castaneda oversees the daily technology/security operations and IT project execution for the company. He also serves as the firm’s designated Information Security Officer. Mr. Castaneda has over 25 years of technology management and consulting experience in the financial services industry. He has held senior technology management positions at various firms including Bank of America, Countrywide, Washington Mutual and Great Western Bank. Mr. Castaneda is a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics with Specialization in Computing.

About Centaurus Financial, Inc.

Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Centaurus Financial, Inc. is a national independent broker/dealer licensed to offer securities, investment advisory services and insurance products. Centaurus is a Registered Investment Adviser with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and is a member of both FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and SIPC (the Securities Investor Protection Corporation). For more information about Centaurus Financial and the services we offer, please visit www.centaurusfinancial.com. For Registered Representatives, Financial Advisors or insurance agents interested in joining Centaurus Financial, please visit Centaurus Financial’s website for financial professionals at www.joincfi.com or contact Tesh Lokumal at (800) 880-4234.

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